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•Air duct cleaning & HVAC mold remediation

•Fire, smoke, & water HVAC remediation

•Air systems & furnace cleanings

•High rise exhaust ventilation cleaning

•Dryer vent exhaust cleaning

•Hood & vent cleaning


Keeping everything lint and dust free will also improve the quality of the air you and your family breathe in inside your home.


Cleaning your vents and dryer

After an extended period of time, your dryer and other vents in your home can gather build up. This can slow down the use of your appliances and cost you a small fortune with electrical bills.  Moisture can also build up this can cause dangerous mold. Let Prestige help you cut your costs and keep this from happening.

We don't only work on your standard dryer vents

Safety is an important part of our services, by cleaning out the vents, we can keep you secure and safe from fire.

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