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•Fire Damage restoration

•Wet basements

•Damp crawl space

•Moisture control

•Sump pumps

•Leaks in walls and floors


Our goal is to get you back to the way things were before the flood or fire. Our dedicated team will take care of you.



Water Damage and Fire Restoration

If you have ever experienced a fire, you know that sometimes the flames aren't what causes all the damage.  The clean-up needed and the smoke damage left behind by a fire, can be daunting. Let Prestige Cleaning services help put your mind at ease and the same goes for any water damage or issues you are having.

Some of our clean up services

If you need a leak fixed up or smoke damage repaired, we are the company to do it.

Let us dry you out and clean you up!

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Guaranteed to get your home or business back to the way it was before.

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